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AD + Rado/ Valor Emergente/ 2010


We are very excited that RADO and AD have teamed up to award us the Emerging Valor of the Year award. This award is the icing on the cake to a splendid year for the studio. We want to thank AD (Architectural Digest) and RADO for the trust they have placed in us, this award helps us to continue fighting to do things right, the way we like them. The awards ceremony took place at the Casino de Madrid. It was a very full day, a bit busy, but everything was great, a lot of people, photocall, snacks and drinks … the people from RADO and AD treated us wonderfully, it was all very easy thanks to them. We also want to congratulate the other winners, whom it was a pleasure to meet and share such a fun night with them, Konstantin Grcic, special award for the editorial staff and Martín Azua, designer of the year; Juan Herreros, architect of the year, Teresa Sapey, interior designer of the year and Pascua Ortega, special prize for the editorial staff.

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