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Yonoh’s work has distinguished itself, over the years, by the progressive improvement of its personal voice. They have rarely flirted excessively with an aesthetic trend. Over time, Yonoh has made its way with fine and elegant work, resolved flawlessly. And they have achieved this by working for companies from other circuits that are less interested in spreading and more interested in contributing, achieving a perfect balance between their own voice and the style of the firm.

Many are from the Mediterranean area. Others from more northern latitudes. And it is not surprising, because the main features that, in general, could be assigned to their style, have a lot of contemporary Scandinavian character: elegance, warmth, harmony, functionality and a refined design. But, at the same time, it’s a style with an important amount of Mediterranean codes, due to its meticulous details, color and ingenuity. A very Yonoh fusion.

Seen as a whole, the work that they’ve done so far reflects a very personal character and path, which shows Clara and Álex’s determination to be a studio with an honest stamp of their own.

words by Tachy Mora.



Our relationship with Clara and Alex coincides with the creation of Yonoh. Despite them being young, we caught a glimpse of their immense talent and their concern and respect for good design. Our first formal collaboration was in 2011 and, during all this time, they have been presenting to us annual collections, such as Chou, Banga or Pleg and more, that define their work philosophy, their determination to make things easier, in giving a twist to everything established and on helping us to connect to the objects that surround us. In addition, they present us with projects that are well thought out, which makes for a fast and smooth product development flow. Now that they are celebrating 15 years as a studio, we are proud to think that we were the first company they worked with internationally, but we are even more proud to see how they have grown and where they stand nowadays. Because by means of their talent and dedication, they have forged a highly respected place in Spanish design. A unique style that has been recognized and valued by large national companies and international distributors. And all that’s left to say is: long live Yonoh’s good design!

Sandro Tothill

CCO LZF Lamps, Spain.


interior innovation selection 2014
best of year 2013
if product design
german design award
delta selection 2012
red dot
designpreis nominee
delta selection 2011
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porcelanosa interiorismo
afamour premio diseño 2010
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wallpaper design 2010
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