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Dining with a plate on the sofa because that’s more comfortable than your dining room chairs? Won’t happen with the Eve series. High, medium or low; this chair is simply great. The generous backrest gives you the support many office chairs can’t even live up to. And you won’t have to compromise on  style. Curvy, slim and very comfortable: Eve in a nutshell.

Endless dinner dates, good conversations, one too many glasses of whatever you fancy. If Eve were a person, she would be the perfect host: charming, inviting and very generous. So don’t be surprised when your guests stick around longer than usual. Even the next day, Eve has got your back. Giving all the support you need when drinking your (much-needed) cup of coffee.

Eve’s curvy seat is almost reminiscent of the convenience of a butterfly chair. The backrest gives you a big hug. Meanwhile, the slim steel frame makes this chair look very elegant and lightweight. Ideal for making your space appear larger, without compromising on comfort.

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