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Working environments are changing from rigid places to flexible, dynamic and adaptable spaces that nurture creativity, innovation and collaboration with unique solutions. This results in a more comfortable working environment, greater efficiency and, therefore, better results. The new MUVIT family was created for this purpose.

The MUVIT product range offers a response to the demands of contemporary working environments. Comprising a collectivetable with castors, a transport trolley and a stool made of PET, MUVIT is designed to maximise company performance while promoting a welcoming, practical andsustainable working environment.

With an innovative design and a vision that is committed to the environment, MUVIT Seat perfects the concept of an agile office. Manufactured in PET, a conglomerate made of reused plastics, this extremely lightweight stool represents sustainable value within the office, all without risking its great hardness and strength.

MUVIT Trolley lends a new meaning to meetings between workers. Its ability to carry objects, to support a projector or as a stand for whiteboards makes it an invaluable asset for any organisation.

The contemporary design of MUVIT Tables satisfies the needs of themost dynamic working environments, deploying number of configurationsthat is perfect for organising meetings, teamwork or executing projects.

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