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Exploring the multiple possibilities provided by a pentagonal shape, hence its name, Pental. From a sleek, yet resistant structure of interlaced rods, Pental grows to become a modern wheeled coffee table. Proudly exploring inhabiting the multitasking areas, it allows the Users to create collaborative spaces in no time. The classic oak finishes or the always useful and elegant Fenix laminate in black will both give the worktop a professional touch, while the wide range of colours for the powder-coated metal rods will ensure for a seamless adaptation to any interior.

The Pental poufs are the most recent addition to the evolution of classic five-pointed star bases, widely used through the seating furniture history. Featuring a smooth mesh of interlaced rods, the Pental pouf exhibits the balance of stability and lightness. It is easy to move all around the office (or home) due to its light weight, and the same time resistant enough to be intensively used by large groups of Users in teamwork spaces, waiting rooms and during informal meetings. Available in two widths, and in the finest selection of fabrics and colours of the powder-coated base, Pental will seamlessly match any interior, either as a subtle accent or as the main attraction in the setup.

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