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We wanted to design a seat with great comfort. A large backrest that wrap us like a coat, like a leaf, but that allow us to move in a friendly and welcoming way. Every millimetre is important, every detail is thought out.

Wood and textile are two elements that, well combined, are great allies in any space. We love working with wood, treating it with care. We wanted to make a robust, solid structure, with details that would demonstrate the virtues of wood. That is why we look at the grafts. We were inspired by those cuts that are made in plants and included it in the design as one of the main details.

When we designed Yarda we wanted to open the range of the core population, that is why its size is key. We have tried to make most of the users feel comfortable in it.
The fabric offers us that special touch, the look that a seat with these characteristics needs.

The ideal material to achieve the silhouettes and comfort we require.

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